a visual guide to CRISP-DM methodology


A recent delve into research about the data mining life cycle led me to CRISP-DM (that’s “CRoss Industry Standard Process for Data Mining”), a gold-standard process method published in 1999 (v1.0). CRISP-DM is the backbone of the data mining field, and a ten-year standard (v2.0 is in the works) is amazing considering technology’s evolution since 1999.

Although CRISP-DM v1.0 includes a few diagrams, it is absent a comprehensive visual overview. After a fruitless search for a single document showing all the steps of the process, I designed a visual guide to CRISP-DM methodology.

If you find my visual guide useful, I’d love to hear about it. Also, please feel free to make suggestions for improvements – I plan to update the design as needed.

Happy data mining!

11 thoughts on “a visual guide to CRISP-DM methodology

    1. @Ajay, certainly! Please credit the design as it appears on the document. And feel free to post a link to your book below, so others can order it from this thread.

      Cheers! Nicole

  1. Hi Nicole,
    This was terrific and thanks. May I refer your work to a friend of mine that might be interested in having you develop a on-line video seminar on the subject. This would be compensated but that would be between you two to work out.

    1. @Ron Davis, I’m not available for curriculum design or teaching at this point but your friend is welcome to use the guide for the seminar; please credit the design as it appears on the document.

  2. Years later, this is still great, and an essential tool for explaining what I plan to do with a visualization project at work (in a nonprofit development environment). Thank you Nicole! This, together with a basic CRISP-DM process image, really helped break down for colleagues the essential steps in data mining.

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