why IA? a systematic approach to creativity

There has been a lot of talk about design thinking as a business model. But what about an information architect’s unique approach to design thinking? Information architects approach problem-solving from business, user, and technology perspectives simultaneously, using research and creativity in a method than encourages balanced, yet innovative, solutions.

Information architecture thinking encourages a systematic approach to creativity. An information architect (IA) begins a project with a wide view of a problem and then uses research to further define and elaborate on the problem. Once enough background is gathered and the IA understands implications of the problem for all involved, an informed creative process is possible. This kind of thinking is beneficial both personally and professionally for problems where it is difficult to know how or where to begin. Building an understanding of the true parameters of the project and the needs of everyone involved is an ideal starting point for creativity. Outcomes from this approach are both considered and creative, allowing strategic innovations to emerge.

Big-picture, inclusive thinking that respects the needs of all stakeholders is an important way to approach any complex problem. IA thinking balances user, business, and technology needs to create an optimal outcome. This same thinking model is important on a global scale. Only by acknowledging and balancing human, economic, and technological requirements we can begin to solve challenging global problems.

2 thoughts on “why IA? a systematic approach to creativity

  1. very elegantly expressed and succinctly put.
    I am involved with some aspects of Information Architecture and stumbled upon this page,thanks to google.
    I saw your work on CRISP-DM too. You make the world a wiser and better place. Keep up the good work.

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