expanding practice: family event

Charissa Brock + Martha Pfanschmidt: Of Earth and Sky
Bullseye Projects, Portland, Oregon, 2014

Charissa Brock and Martha Pfanschmidt present two perspectives on the natural world through kilnformed glass paintings and mixed-media sculpture. “Many times in my life,” says Brock, “I have come upon an artifact, plant, animal or insect that has a questionable purpose, origin or meaning. It is a guessing game, where narrative is imagined and meaning is constructed.” Using strips of heat-treated bamboo and kilnformed glass, Brock develops systems for creating intricate structures. In 2004, Martha Pfanschmidt began translating her layered print work into kilnformed glass and it has taken on its own vocabulary. Like her work on paper, Pfanschmidt’s glass paintings draw inspiration from nature. “I live in a hole in the woods,” Pfanschmidt says, “Around me are a tangle of trees and brush, home to rabbits, coyotes, owls, ravens, deer and other creatures; above me is a circle of sky.”

Interactive and learning experiences for this exhibition included a touching table, a “find it” sheet for visitors of all ages, and a family event using Visual Thinking Strategies techniques to explore the exhibition together and responding kinetically to the work with our bodies.

Visitor comments: Today I had the most enjoyable experience I have ever had at an art gallery, and got to see some really neat artwork. Vivian and I attended a special event at Bullseye Gallery for families called “Of Earth and Sky.” We participated in an interactive discussion and tour of the show and even got to meet the artist (Charissa Brock), and learn how she creates her art. I typically find art galleries stiflingly stuffy, but with Nicole encouraging the children to discuss and explore the art I felt totally at home, such a fun experience. Vivian loved it and told me repeatedly that she wants to go back. – Ginger Hanson, family event participant.

Design team: Michael Endo (Curator), Nicole Leaper (Senior Communication Designer)

"Of Earth and Sky" family event at Bullseye Gallery, 2014."Of Earth and Sky" family event at Bullseye Gallery, 2014."Of Earth and Sky" family event at Bullseye Gallery, 2014.ofearthandsky_13brock-pfanschmidt14_finditPDF file: brock-pfanschmidt14_findit

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