community bulletin board

In the City: Nathan Sandberg, Stacy Lynn Smith, Karlyn Sutherland
Bullseye Projects, Portland, Oregon, 2015

A group exhibition or kiln-glass sculpture, panels, and mixed media installations inspired by the architecture, infrastructure and ephemera of a city.

Interactive experiences included a touching table with samples of cast glass objects from the installation, including the mold, and screen printing samples. Material- and process-specific samples allows visitor to ask  “how is it made?” questions, and also allows an opening to approach visitors and explain, giving an entry point for visitor to dig deeper.

An explore and respond community bulletin board offered blank “signs” for different styles of public postings (lost, found, missing, for rent) for visitors to create their own posters and then attach them a cork board.

A material sample display showed glass “frit” in progression from coarse to fine.

Design team: Michael Endo (Curator), Nicole Leaper (Experience Design Director), Jonathan Swanson (Preparator), Brian Hutsebout (Education)

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