self-directed making stations

Embodied Architecture: Nisha Bansil, Karlyn Sutherland, Jeff Wallin
Bullseye Projects, Portland, Oregon, 2017

A group exhibition that draws the connection between ourselves and structures we create and inhabit.

Explore and Respond takes over the Glass Lab

The interactive area with self-directed making stations was situated inside the educational Glass Lab adjacent to the exhibition, allowing an expanded space for self-directed activities. A rich interactive area helped audiences understand the mediums and concepts of the exhibition. Activities were situated on rolling tables so they could be moved for events.

A drawing/making (collage) station offered papers of different weights and textures, cutting tools (scissors, X-ACTO, ruler) and drawing materials (pencil, pens), photocopied images of people, architecture, perspective drawing, tracing paper to trace architectural magazines, all provided so visitors could collage architectural forms and figure/organic drawings.

Stringer-bending stations allowed visitors of all ages to participate in hands-on making with thin glass rods known as “stringer” heated over a candle flame. Resulting creations could be taken home immediately or displayed on wall shelves.

A pegboard perspective station with pegs attached via different lengths and weights of string allowed visitors to create perspective “drawing” by moving pegs. Although this was the not the most active of the stations, it was visually interesting and helped draw visitors into the space.

A paper folding station included a monitor continuously showing a paper folding video. Simple origami instructions were provided as an alternative, and books on paper folding were offered. The video was a very compelling draw into the area, and many participated. The audience participated in both both in-depth and simple projects, depending on their available time.

Design team: Michael Endo (Curator), Nicole Leaper (Experience Design Director), Laura O’Quin (Program Manager), Collin Richard (Art Handler). Photos: D. Kvitka, courtesy of Bullseye Projects.

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