tactile impressions

Mutual Intelligibility: Helen Lee, Anna Mlasowsky, Jeffrey Stenbom
Bullseye Projects, Portland, Oregon, 2017

A group exhibition exploring language and translation.

A touching table offered tactile examples so visitors could handle the delicate glass wafer construction components in Stenbom’s work.

Alphabet spheres from Olander Earthworks were offered for making patterns in sand.

Helen Lee used an IBM Selectric “typeball” to create the patterns in her work Typings: Selectric No. 1-4. The artists supplied two type balls and a wax pad, allowing visitors to create patterns similar to those in her work.

Stringer-bending stations allowed visitors of all ages to participate in hands-on making with thin glass rods known as “stringer” heated over a candle flame. Resulting creations could be taken home immediately or displayed on wall shelves.

Design team: Michael Endo (Curator), Nicole Leaper (Experience Design Director), Laura O’Quin (Program Manager), Collin Richard (Art Handler). Photos: D. Kvitka, courtesy of Bullseye Projects.


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