Bullseye Studio web site


Bullseye Studio collaborates with artists, architects, and designers from around the world to fabricate art glass for the built environment, including architectural, landscape, and product designs; public art projects; and art installations. World-renowned for kilnforming expertise and custom color capabilities, the Studio needed a highly visual web site to show their work to an audience with a range of interests and needs.

As an added requirement, Bullseye Glass Co. was beginning a web site overhaul for the mix of sites across the organization, and needed a universal navigation system and universal style guide.

The resulting information architecture for the Studio site is flexible and adaptable enough to account for a growing portfolio of diverse projects, while offering a variety of ways to discover content. We focused on both findability and discoverability, encouraging visitors to move freely through the content visually, using industry terms, or through desirable associations.

We were lucky to have a strong internal team, including subject matter expertise, branding, technology design, and content creation, all working in concert with the fine folks at Zeek Interactive. My roles included information architecture, art direction, brand direction, UX consulting, universal navigation co-design, universal style guide co-design, and content creation workflow design.

Design and content team: Dawndae HK Hamilton (Studio Development Manager), Nicole Leaper (Experience Design Director), Chris Petrauskas (Multimedia Developer), Enrique Fuentes Lungo (Graphic Designer), Hanmi Meyer (Photography), Lisa Woods (Marketing and Communications),  Blake Peterson (Communication Coordinator), and Zeek Interactive


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