match learning theory to learner

Which learning theory is the best match for learners? This quiz will help you understand the difference between pedagogy, andragogy, and heutagogy, and which might be the best approach for you as learner or for a designer when creating new learning experiences.

Pedagogy is the study and practice of teaching. Andragogy is the facilitation of learning for adults, who are self-directed learners. Heutagogy is learning for self-managed learners. In practice, andragogy can blend both pedagogy and heutagogy, depending on the needs of the learner.


3 thoughts on “match learning theory to learner

  1. Learning theories are really in the epistemological continuum (what knowledge is and how we acquire it) from mechanistic worldview of objectivism/positivism
    (behaviorism, cognitivism – accountability, information processing, metacognition)
    towards humanist worldview and social-cognitivism (interaction, self-direction)
    to most modern theories of constructivism/humanism (developmental needs, experiental learning, self-directed learning. transformational learning, Community of Practice).

    I think it is important to first agree about what constitutes as knowledge when we engage in LxD. And, yes, we could argue andragogy belonging to the humanist paradigm, but then pedagogy might look like just behaviorist practice and what we know of human development, just doesn’t agree with that. Children are natural born learning machines – it is a survival skill.

    This image might make it clearer: that I created while playing with the ideas for my dissertation about learner agency.

    Here is the whole post


    1. Thank you for sharing Nina, I’m so interested in your work! I have some reservations about how the source I used defines pedagogy, and I agree, children are natural learners; collaborating and constructing are innate. I look forward to exploring your blog and learning more.

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