emotional objects

The Emotional Life of Objects:
Silvia Levenson, Dante Marioni, Heidi Schwegler

Bullseye Projects, Portland, Oregon, 2016

A group exhibition examining our complex relationship with objects through the mixed media sculpture.

A visitor response area asked visitors to engage with objects in our daily lives and the emotions we have about those objects. The display offered three mundane, everyday items displayed as though they are artwork (bent spoon, large safety pin, glass jar full of misc objects likes rocks, shells and a button). Visitors were invited to assign a title (as though it was an artwork), an emotion, or tell a story.

A didactic vitrine explained the lost wax casting process.

Conceptual books were displayed on a wall shelf along with catalogs for participating artists. Two armchairs were positioned under the shelf to invite perusal.

Design team: Michael Endo (Curator), Nicole Leaper (Experience Design Director), Laura O’Quin (Program Manager), Brian Hutsebout (Education), Jonathan Swanson (Preparator)

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